Travel Website Usability Testing

State Tourism Board Tests Redesign of Website

Project Objective:

State tourism board needed insight into the user experience of their travel website.

Specific objectives included:

  • Determining content most relevant to visitors
  • Assessing navigation and tools
  • Reconsidering visuals

Research Methodology:

Two phases:

  • Phase 1 – Focus Groups, In-Depth Interviews
    • Explore content, highlight navigational challenges
  • Phase 2 – In-Depth Interviews
    • Review changes, further test navigation and site tools

Both phases were carried out in two markets: one considered a fly market and one market considered a drive market, relative to the destination


  • Website color scheme was completely reformulated to better reflect visitors’ associations with the destination
  • Navigation was redesigned to take into account key recommendations:
    • Drop-down menus optimized
    • Home page tailored to users’ favored “paths to content”
    • Categories instituted to help users narrow down choices
    • Counter-intuitive links corrected
  • Map was identified as most important feature
    • Overhauled and made more prominent
  • Travel tools were added to help users conceptualize and plan their visits
  • Further refinements were recommended after Phase 2:
    • Home page should encourage scrolling to content “below the fold”
    • Map should be made even more functional and ubiquitous
    • Content-filtering tools should be made more prominent
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