Tourism Destination Brand Positioning

Beach Destination Seeks Insights to Aid in Positioning

Project Objective:

Assist in the development of positioning for a beach within the regional tourism market

Specific objectives included:

  • Measure awareness of client beach
  • Explore prior visitation to various beaches and interest in visiting in the near future
  • Understand and measure sources of information used to select a beach destination and plan a beach trip
  • Identify the set of beach attributes most important to selection and measure client and competitor beaches on each

Research Methodology:

Qualitative: Focus Groups

  • Explore reasons for selecting specific beaches 
  • Understand the beach experience including the planning process
  • Develop a set of attributes that define the optimal beach experience

Quantitative: Online Survey

  • Measure importance of brand positioning attributes, and performance of various beaches in order to determine the positioning that would be most relevant, own-able and unique for our client’s beach 
  • Measure activities associated with the planning process

Results / Recommendations:

The goal of the research was to identify the best positioning concept for the client—one that is motivating to visitors and available for adoption.

  • The research identified three possible positioning concepts that would be meaningful in the region and within the category
  • Compared to three major competitor beaches, one beach was identified as being of concern to our client. The beach was seen as successfully delivering the “best” positioning option identified in the research AND as having momentum—it’s tourism business was growing at a far greater clip than any of its competitors
  • The research was valuable in identifying the positioning option with the most potential for our client
  • The client was in an excellent position to adopt and deliver the second best positioning with a few minor changes to its marketing and advertising. The client used the research to develop clear and relevant messaging and advertising in order to improve perceptions of the beach, and ultimately visitation
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