New Orleans Brands Create Remarkable Ad Campaigns Informed by Market Research in 2017

New Orleans Brands Create Remarkable Ad Campaigns Informed by Market Research in 2017

Our role as market researchers tends to have us playing in a data-filled space. We sift through numbers and conversations using our analytical brains to uncover the meaning from sometimes thousands of surveys and countless interviews.

And while our clients and partners span the country, it is our great privilege to call home one of the most creative cities in the country. We wanted to take a minute to recognize the New Orleans brands and their agency partners delivering thought-provoking, needle-moving creative in 2017.

Brand: Ochsner
Agency: Peter Mayer Advertising
Campaign: “Relentless”

As the newly appointed agency of record for Ochsner this year, Peter Mayer came out of the gate with a poignant ad campaign communicating Ochsner’s mission to serve, heal, lead, educate and innovate. Positioning the brand as an “innovation incubator as much as a healthcare system”, the campaign highlights Ochsner’s relentless spirit that not only fights for their patients as they battle health issues but also “strives for a better way to get patients back to living the lives they love.”

The copy test for this campaign leveraged facial coding and showed that the “Relentless” campaign provided a positive impact on consumer perception of the brand as compassionate and innovative.


French Market Coffee
Agency: Pure
Campaign: French Market Cold Brew Brand Campaign

When French Market Coffee rejuvenated its portfolio with a new product launch, they sought out Pure to help them boldly go where they had never been before. Using Mobile Ethnography to understand coffee drinkers’ perceptions and category white space for positioning, MDRG uncovered an appetite for an “authentic, local” New Orleans coffee brand.  Going further with these findings, we worked with Pure and French Market Coffee to test brand platforms prior to launching their campaigns.  These findings solidified the direction of the campaign and Agency Pure was able to hit the market with confidence that their platform connecting coffee to culture and craftsmanship would impact their target in all the right ways.


New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation
Agency: 360i
Campaign: “One Time in New Orleans”

With an event as huge as the tri-centennial of a city like New Orleans, NOTMC and 360i knew they had to “go big” with their marketing campaign in 2017.  Launching a multi-platform campaign called “One time in New Orleans”, 360i married digital initiatives with traditional for a compelling depiction of New Orleans and one of the most innovative campaigns the city has seen. Prior to launching, NOTMC leveraged MDRG’s copy testing expertise to ensure the television spot hit all the right notes when it came to communicating the campaign messages. A comprehensive, multi-tactic campaign, NOTMC continues to launch components of the campaign with “story boxes” recently debuting at key events and locations in the city for visitors and locals to tell their own “One time in New Orleans” story.


Given the levels of creative excellence reached in 2017, we look forward to being a part of New Orleans’ marketing industry for another year and can’t wait to see what our creative partners have in store next.