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Five Signs it’s Time to Conduct Brand Research [Infographic]

Margaux Fisher

Ethnographer and Qualitative Analyst

Disruption is the new normal for businesses as technological advances across industries occur quicker than ever. As start-ups enter the market and former industry stalwarts begin to lose market share, it’s critical that companies keep pace with the market and their brands’ position. It can be hard to recognize the signs that it’s time to re-evaluate your company’s position in the market when you have your head down in the day-to-day activity of running a business. Nonetheless, it’s critical to keep a finger on the pulse of consumer reactions to your brand. So, what are a few things that might signify a closer look at your category and brand? This infographic offers some key signs to look for.

brand research

If your company or category is experiencing any of these symptoms, it’s definitely time to take a look at some brand research. Not only will you get insight into overall brand awareness and perception, you can also understand your customer’s experience and ultimately emotional engagement with your product. Data that you can use to inform future marketing, product development and overall business strategy.

For even more detail into what brand research can provide, you can review this sample report.