In-Depth Interviews

Qualitative Research


In-Depth Interviews Uncovering Detailed Insights

In-depth interviews are a cornerstone of qualitative research. They allow respondents the chance to share opinions without being influenced by others; researchers are better able to understand each respondent’s full story in a one-on-one setting. Interviewers can identify implicit assumptions and interpretations by focusing on one consumer at a time.

These interviews can be conducted via telephone or through an online platform that allows researchers to share creative or other documents with consumers to obtain reactions and feedback. Consumers can be more forthright and candid and are more willing to share personal and sensitive information that can add valuable context and nuance to research findings.

Researchers are better able to detect, and follow up on, the nuances of tone and word use. One-on-one interviews provide a setting to uncover new insights that come about through unexpected detours.

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