MDRG's Brand Health Score™ measures how your brand stacks up

How a Brand Health Score™ Tells You More with Less

“Brand Health” has many interpretations across marketing teams and organizations. For some, brand health indicates how satisfied customers are with a brand’s products and services. For others, it’s a combination of brand perceptions and scores against a set of attributes. At MDRG, we define brand health as the combination of how prominent a place your brand holds with consumers as well as how well loved your brand is. These two metrics, affinity and prominence, assess how well your brand achieves its two fundamental purposes relative to competitors’ brands. The metrics are intuitive, digestible, and serve to connect a brand with an organization’s broader business strategy more directly than satisfaction and perception scores can. MDRG’s Brand Health Score™ offers a 360° view of how a brand is performing as compared to competitors. We break down why this method for measuring a brand’s health works below:

1. Incorporates the Whole Mind

The Brand Health Score™ incorporates consumer’s conscious thoughts and perceptions through primary survey data collection as well as non-conscious decision-making behavior through analysis of digital behavior. In this way, we uncover not just what consumer’s say about your brand, but also what they express about your brand through their actions online. The integration of System 1 and System 2 metrics creates a more compelling and insightful perspective on your brand’s performance.

2. Includes Context

When brands sign up for the Brand Health Score™ they are also able to track the health of two competitors. This allows them to not only see how they measure up overall but also which aspects of their brand they need to work on most. Some brands are in a category of their own, in these cases, we include aspirational brands or brands that are succeeding in ways the client is working toward. Regardless, the Brand Health Score™ contextualizes your brand’s performance so the numbers mean something to your executive team.

3. Easy to Understand

How often have you presented a market research report only to get mired in the detail of an insignificant metric? With the Brand Health Score™, just a handful of metrics are presented, each with a direct connection to your brand’s health. We remove “analysis paralysis” by offering a simple way to see how your brand is doing over time compared to the competition.

4. Indicates Brand Impact

Another feature of the Brand Health Score™ is that any secondary data can be layered into the scorecard to offer deeper insight into the implications of the score. Add sales data to understand the impact of brand health on sales trends. Incorporate earned media impressions into the scorecard to gain insight into how PR activities are driving brand health. Understand marketing’s role in elevating the brand by adding media spend.

The insights to be gained from the Brand Health Score™ are substantial. While every organization has their own measures of success, this score is an opportunity to align your team and leverage a single measure to understand the brand’s impact on your business.

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