Maximizing Your Omnibus Survey


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How to get the most out of an Omnibus

MDRG developed a new omnibus survey that offers the speed and flexibility once reserved for standard targeted surveys.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term omnibus, it is a survey that:

•   Is balanced to the census

•   Is taken by 1,000 and 2,000 respondents in a few days

•   Is priced on a per question basis


It can be faster and less expensive than a traditional survey because:

•   It is fielded nationwide rather than a targeted geography (that means incidence is higher)

•   The survey is shared with other researchers (it’s like a carpool for survey questions)

•   Standard demographic questions are built into the survey

Creative Test

What if you wanted to understand the appeal and purchase interest of a few creative concepts before moving one into full production? MDRG developed a methodology for conducting a monadic test of creative concepts using an omnibus survey. With a sample of 2,000 respondents, MDRG divides the sample into equal groups of up to three. Each concept consists of a visual and a paragraph and is shown to one group of respondents. The random division of the sample tends to yield groups that are similar and roughly balanced to the census. Just to be as precise as possible, the individual groups are weighted if that is not the case.

We deliver to you a dashboard that allows you to understand the prioritization of the concepts for the major demographic groups. You can advance the best concept to full production with confidence.

New Product

What if you have a new product idea and you want to understand if the product is relevant to the intended age group before investing in R&D? MDRG can field an omnibus survey with questions designed to capture interest in the product and any specific features for every age.

The deliverable would consist of a purchase interest curve by age, as well as a dashboard that could demonstrate how other demographic variables factor into interest. You would know the age at which interest begins and peaks, and which specific features are driving interest.


What if you wanted to understand the best way to describe the functional benefits of a product to a wide audience of consumers? An omnibus would be an excellent tool for understanding the language preferences of consumers. MDRG would develop survey questions to test the appeal of various terminologies with the goal of identifying the strongest language for each age cohort, life stage, a region of the country, and other variables of interest.


An omnibus survey is just one of the agile studies MDRG uses to provide valuable insights in less time and for less money than most custom research.

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