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MDRG’s Holiday White Paper: The Art of Gifting

Margaux Fisher

Ethnographer and Qualitative Analyst

For our 2018 annual holiday paper, MDRG researched a topic inspired by our annual white elephant gift exchange, and one that many of us need guidance with: how to give well-received and appreciated gifts.

Choosing the appropriate gift for a loved one can be difficult. We put pressure on ourselves to select the perfect holiday gift. Then, to ease the pressure, we ask ourselves questions about the recipient. Should I buy something relating to their favorite pastimes or would they rather food? Is a homemade item appropriate or would they prefer money? Would they appreciate an experience such as a trip or nice meal? Am I gifting them something too expensive or is my gift too cheap? We want to give a gift that they will appreciate and cherish – not re-gift at a future occasion. Some may even say that we conduct marketing research through this process to make the best decision. However, gifting does not have to be this burdensome as discovered in our holiday gifting research.

MRDG’s gifting market research gives insight into what others would prefer. We hope our findings help you to give better this holiday season, and for all gifting occasions to come!

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