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Applying Context to Market Research

Ethnographic research includes research methodologies of observation and analysis that explores the underlying socio-cultural meaning of human behavior and the socio-cultural elements that affect consumer behavior. Ethnographic research requires a field site so researchers can observe actual behavior within existing environments, rather than relying on self-reported information.

Mobile Ethnography

Mobile Ethnography makes use of physical field sites, observed through mobile means over an extended period of time allowing more in-depth research.

  • Researchers work to gain an understanding of the current cultural context while exploring key themes and developing familiarity with the subject at hand.
  • Consumers can conveniently provide real-time feedback, in a variety of mediums including audio and video, to the researcher’s questions and tasks.
  • In this type of research, consumers are less apt to censor or filter their opinions.

Online Anthropology

With Online Anthropology, our anthropologists make use of digital field sites, such as online communities and social media spaces. Researchers are able to gain an understanding of the socio-cultural elements that play into consumer behavior in spaces where consumers are already comfortable talking about the subject.

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