Facial Coding in Advertising Research, Creative and Copy Testing

What's In A Face?

Facial Coding is one of the tactics under the umbrella of Neuromarketing. Combinations of facial expressions are mapped to emotions for real-time evaluation. An immediate facial response is pre-cognitive, which means it can be seen before a person is even aware of the emotion they are revealing, making it an ideal tool for understanding the System 1 processes occurring during ad viewing.

Facial Coding allows insight into:

  • The emotions of consumers at specific points in time throughout an ad
  • An overall reading of your ad that indicates how a consumer feels without the filter of language to interpret those feelings
  • What areas of a category your brand can never own

How it Works:

Using a webcam, respondents watch a commercial on their computer as the webcam and program pick up on micro-expressions made during the commercial. This is typically followed by a questionnaire for a true Whole Mind Approach to understand both System 1 a System 2 decision making processes at play during the consumer’s experience.

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