Leveraging Implicit Association Testing for Market Research

Response Speed Indicates Strength

Peel back another layer of insights with an Implicit Association Test. By taking into account the time it takes people to make decisions, Implicit Association testing can reflect the certainty of a person’s belief.

With an Implicit Association Test you can learn:

  • How strong certain associations with your brand are embedded into consumer’s perceptions
  • What areas in the category you can own
  • What areas of a category your brand can never own

How it Works

In paired comparison tests, the percentage of respondents selecting each item reveals insight into how the items differ to consumers. When repeated across different attributes, patterns emerge. Implicit Association Tests take response latency into account – the time it takes people to make decisions – which reflect the certainty of their belief. Measuring and analyzing how long it takes respondents to decide between items yields valuable insight into the strength of their item associations. Faster is stronger as consumers make these associations almost automatically with very little active thinking. Conversely, slower response times reflect a more nuanced item association as consumers have to take time to think about which item associates more with the attribute.

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