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Gaining Insights through Longer Customer Interactions

Insight Communities allow moderators to dissect multiple layers of consumer insight and better understand how respondents engage with marketing though detailed feedback. Various types of activities can be utilized throughout the duration of the community including journaling, video and photo blogging, creative markup tools and Online Metaphor Elicitation. This online approach is well suited for a variety of studies because it allows respondents to come from any geographic area, and a discussion can evolve without being limited to a central facility in a two-hour window.

Insight Communities allow moderators more access to respondents:

  • Respondents provide their in-the-moment, unfiltered reactions directly to the moderators
  • The “summarization” effect that can color feedback gathered after an experience is mitigated
  • Mobile activities are integrated into the Insight Community platform giving the moderator “fly on the wall” access to respondets’ exeperiences with the brand
  • Respondents leverage existing relationships with their mobile device to gather more data points including photo and video
  • Studies take place over 10-14 days rather than a 45 minute interview or 2 hour focus group

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