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Revealing Consumers' Thoughts and Feelings Through Metaphor

Individuals use half a dozen metaphors for each minute of speech. It is the key to human expression and as such a compelling research tool.
Online Metaphor Elicitation has the ability to extract the non-verbal attitudes of a consumer by exploring both conscious and non-conscious associations with a given subject. It bypasses the conscious, language-oriented mind to uncover deeper thoughts and feelings about your brand, product or target market.

How it Works

  • In the context of a survey, respondents are asked to answer questions with images
  • After selecting the image they are asked to describe that image
  • Then, they are asked what that image means to them

The result of the online metaphor elicitation process is 3 separate data points that can then be used to understand the consumer’s survey response from a more emotive, non-filtered perspective.

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