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Using Focus Groups in Qualitative Research

A Focus Group is a classic qualitative research technique that continues to prove its value in the technology filled, modern days of market research. MDRG’s approach to focus groups often includes a lead-in insight community, which acts as a warm-up and can provide further direction for the groups themselves. The team moderates and analyzes feedback with a task-specific outlook, always digging for the deepest insights.

Focus Groups offer tons of opportunity for insight and can be used at every stage of market research.

  • Exploratory concept development for product research
  • Probing into the customer’s experience with your brand
  • Understanding how customer’s perceive your brand and competitors
  • Evaluate advertising concepts before production to understand which concepts elicits the best customer response

While the established focus group of recruiting 8-10 individuals to discuss a topic of interest has continued to thrive amidst a changing technology landscape, there have been advancements made in making focus groups more efficient and representative of target populations via Insight Communities.

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