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A Cornerstone of Quantitative Research

Quantitative research surveys are the classic methodology that makes up any quantitative research study. The typical research survey is used when brands want to capture customer information from a large sample in order to get statistically significant information. Great for collecting large amounts of data and cutting that data by demographics, purchase intent, awareness levels and more, the survey tool is perhaps the most agnostic methodology across market research.

How it works

These days the most efficient way to collect survey data is online, but there are still instances where telephone and even intercept (in-person) surveys are still required. Depending on the type of study, survey data is collected and then parsed out to find the insights often buried in layers and layers of data.

From complex to simple, here are just a few types of surveys MDRG deploys on a weekly basis:

  • MaxDiff and Conjoint Surveys are great when looking to rank a specific list of attributes for your brand or understand tradeoffs for a product offer
  • Quick Pulse Surveys are the methodology to use when looking to gain access to information from your constituents for fast follow-up and decision making information on experiences
  • Brand Health surveys seek to understand awareness, favorability, and perceptions of a brand against its competitor set
  • Our proprietary Prove-It Copy Testing Model leverages surveys to gauge consumer reaction to a given advertising tactic
  • Customer Journey Mapping leverages surveys to understand how consumers interact with brands
  • Package Testing surveys often leverage a monadic design – showing one package execution to each respondent to avoid order bias
  • No matter what you are trying to understand about your brand, it’s more than likely a survey can be employed to uncover the information that will provide direction to inform your business decision.

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