Video Research


Video Research Seeing your Brand Come to Life in Video

Video feedback is candid and powerful

Nothing is more impactful than consumers expressing their thoughts in their own words.
MDRG has been capturing and incorporating video feedback into its reports for years, predominantly when used in an insight community. The applications for video span quantitative and qualitative research, as video allows analysts and clients alike to better empathize with the consumer experience.

How it works

  • A video open-end typically captures 7-times more information (characters) than a typical text box. Through video, the audience can hear intonation/inflection in the voice and see non-verbal cues such as facial expressions or bodily gestures.
  • When asked to speak an answer aloud, participants will use fewer common words (like good or great) and more nuanced words (like gratifying or suprised).
  • In addition, mini-show reels or individual clips can pack a punch in a qualitative report and dial up the consumer point of view.

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