What Consumers Want in Healthcare and Beyond.

Are you interested in getting outside the healthcare echo chamber? This podcast brings the voice of the consumer to the conversation. Through research and insights, we will explore key healthcare opportunities through the eyes of the end consumer:

  • What trends outside of healthcare are driving consumer expectations within healthcare?

  • What do consumers expect from brands now and in the future?

  • How does this translate to healthcare and are providers meeting expectations?

  • What are best-in-class ways to ensure the organization is adapting to consumerism?

Join us as to create the Healthcare Experience of the future.

MDRG healthcare podcast
Release Date: 10/27/2022

Listen to a deep dive into consumer experience and how systems and disruptors alike are thinking about the new Healthcare Experience.

  • We hear from System Vice President and Chief Consumer Officer Jennifer Bollinger of Ochsner Health as well as Chief Growth Officer Andrea Pearson of Dispatch Health as they explore how they integrate the voice of the customer into their consumer experience efforts.

  • We also have Consumer Strategist, Lauren McCabe give us some insight into Baby Boomers and how to better market to this generation that is currently living it's best "Life 2.0".

  • Marshall Schoenthal and Jason Hamrick from Phase2 give their take on engagement in digital channels

You can use this link for access to the 2022 State of Healthcare Experience Study mentioned in this episode.

Release Date: 01/11/2023

Disruptors see engagement as a leading indicator to revenue. So why does it feel so hard to execute sometimes? Join host Stephanie Douglass as she dives deep on engagement strategies.

In this episode:

  • We go out to the public and ask them what they think about when they hear the term "brand engagement.

  • MDRG’s Maggie Conley goes Outside the Echo Chamber to discuss how health systems can push the envelope and differentiate themselves

  • Marshall Schoenthal and Jason Hamrick from Phase2 give their take on engagement in digital channels

Release Date: 03/07/2023

In this episode, we connect with Eric Steinberger of Atlantic Health and get his take on how consumers think about systems and what that means for a healthcare brand. His unique retail experience gives us another way to interpret brand and think about marketing a system as a whole.

In this episode:

  • We dive into why healthcare is so complicated and how to simplify your marketing strategy

  • We introduce you to MDRG's 4-part series on Empathy: How Empathy Can Elevate your Brand

  • We hear how consumers define empathy and get some best-in-class examples of empathy in healthcare.

Release Date: 05/05/2023

Consumers are looking for wellness solutions that are accessible and simple. They are ditching complex systems of treatment in favor of easy tools for prevention. What’s more, they expect these health tools to fit seamlessly into their day and are delighted when they exist outside of traditional healthcare facilities. So, imagine taking a preventive diagnostic test at a laundromat while waiting for your clothes to dry ... that reality is not too far away.
Join us as we hear from Emilia Morano-Williams, Senior Trends Editor, Consumer Attitudes & Technology at Stylus.
You can use this link for access to The Business Case for Empathy whitepaper mentioned in this episode.

Release Date: 06/01/2023

Consumers want equitable healthcare, and in this episode, we explore the visionary leaders and grassroots start-ups leading the change:

  • Hear from Karen Ashley of Providence about their strategic plan for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • Learn about healthcare startups advocating for better outcomes for all

  • Gain insights from consumers on what makes them feel heard in their healthcare experiences

For more on DE&I in healthcare, download MDRG’s four-part series,The Business Case for Empathy.

Release Date: 07/13/2023

This month, join us as we delve into the crucial topic of mental health and its growing significance for consumers. In this episode, we have a great conversation lined up for you, featuring MDRG's esteemed expert, Sondra Brown, and our special guest, Chris Hemphill, Sr. Director of Commercial Intelligence at Woebot. Together, they unravel the pivotal role of empathy in revolutionizing mental health solutions and fostering enhanced experiences for individuals seeking support. Discover how empathetic approaches can empower consumers and pave the way for transformative experiences in their mental well-being journeys.

For more on mental health and empathy, download MDRG’s four-part series, The Business Case for Empathy.

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