Brand Health Score

Your Partner in Understanding Brand Health and Value

Brand Salience is Key to Unlocking Brand Potential

At MDRG, we recognize that a brand's success hinges on its ability to resonate with customers and potential customers in the right context. Our specialized services empower you to unveil the true value of your brand, comprehend its evolution over time, and pinpoint the key attributes that drive business growth

Brand salience is “a brand’s propensity to be noticed or come to mind in buying situations.”

Byron Sharp - How Brands Grow

Brands with high salience have a higher tendency to be recalled by consumers. Understanding the salience of your brand with consumers on a deeper psychological level can reveal ways to increase and improve brand presence beyond awareness.

Your Partner In Understanding Brand Health And Value

The Brand Health Score

A unique combination of Primary and Secondary data, meticulously crafted to deliver comprehensive insights. Our approach leverages multiple facets to provide you with a holistic view of your brand's performance
MDRG’s Brand Health Score is a simple, easy-to-understand brand funnel metrics tool designed to assess and measure the overall health of a brand in comparison to its competitors. The score tracks and analyzes the various stages that a customer goes through when interacting with a brand, from initial awareness to eventual loyalty.
It is a customer-centric brand funnel metrics tool. You can measure your brand’s performance at each stage of the customer journey, benchmark it against competitors, and get actionable insights to improve marketing strategies. Track your progress over time and make data-driven decisions along the way.

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Social Media and Search Insights:

Our team delves deep into the digital landscape, monitoring online conversations about your brand. By analyzing the tone of these interactions and examining relevant brand searches, we can quantify consumer behavior and gauge the sentiment surrounding your brand.


In-Depth Surveys for Deeper Understanding

Through direct communication with consumers, we gain valuable insights into your brand's position in their minds and their conscious feelings towards it. These surveys play a pivotal role in shaping our understanding of your brand's standing in the market.

Measuring Affinity - The Emotional Connection:

We gauge the extent of consumers' positive and personal connections to your brand through our Affinity metric. By taking into account Positive Sentiment and NPS Favorability, we derive a comprehensive score that reflects the emotional bond consumers share with your brand.

Measuring Prominence - Making Your Brand Stand Out:

Prominence is all about making your brand shine in the eyes of consumers during their purchasing journey. Our metric encompasses Unaided Awareness and Relevance to gauge how often consumers recall your brand without prompting and the frequency of relevant brand searches compared to your competitors.


With our specialized Brand Health Scorecard, you gain a powerful tool that illuminates the true health of your brand, enabling you to make data-driven decisions and capitalize on growth opportunities. Partner with MDRG today and unlock the full potential of your brand!

Questions to answer:

  • How do we stack up against competitors?

    a. Awareness, usage, loyalty
    b. What are the strengths and weaknesses of our brand and competitor brands?

  • How should we position our brand?

    a. Which positioning territories are available and make sense for our brand?
    b. What claims are believable, relevant, and fit with our brand?

  • Who are our customers?

    a. Where do they live, what is their income, etc.


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