Qualitative & Quantitative Market Research



Seeking more than answers, rather the whole picture; the why’s and how’s of what brought you to this point. An expertise in both quantitative and qualitative market research practices allows MDRG to approach each client objective, confident in our ability to find a solution. So, no matter your focus - brand health, advertising, product development, customer experience – we dig deep with one goal in mind, moving you closer to yours.

  • Brand Research

    We look to understand our client's brand in a way that will tease out the brand's greatest potential.

  • Product Development Research

    Research informs the entire product development cycle: Innovation and Ideation, Product Design, Market Readiness and Optimization.

    Customer Experience

    Research is the voice of the consumer. It captures a company's products and processes through the eyes of customers and dives into the relationships created through these interactions.


While our expertise resides in healthcare, finance, CPG, and telecommunications, our experience also covers utilities, automotive, tourism, and franchises.

Our clients rely on our diverse knowledge of industries to provide a comprehensive research program. Custom solutions can answer any business question, but industry experience doesn’t hurt either.

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