Stakeholder Workshops

We provide tools to create powerful brands – together.

Collaboration is one of MDRG’s core values, and we facilitate workshops to align stakeholders, co-create brands, and energize teams.
Workshops give participants the context they need for out-of-the box thinking. The outputs can range from refreshed brand deliverables to an entirely new strategy – stronger because it was created together.

1. Brand Identify Workshop

Refreshing a brand? Creating a new one from scratch? We involve teams in the creation process with exercises that inspire breakout thinking. After, MDRG refines findings into clear deliverables that serve as your brand’s blueprint moving forward.

2. Brand Alignment Workshop

Ensure your team is working from a single vision. In this interactive experience, insights are distilled within the group to make core decisions concerning the future of your brand.

3. Brand Campaign Sprint

Go to market sooner. We work with teams to rapidly create, test, and iterate creative concepts so you can launch quickly. We integrate agile consumer feedback into the process so you can get a pulse on perception.

4. Co-creation Sessions

Let your consumers design your next product or service offering! In our co-creation sessions, we put consumers in a room with brand owners and let them create what’s next together.

5. Ideation Sessions

Get into a creative flow with our ideation sessions aimed at opening minds in order to find undiscovered opportunities for your brand.

6. Custom Workshops

Every business is unique, and we partner with clients to craft workshops that meet their business needs. Contact MDRG to learn more about a signature workshop for your team.

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