Future Forecasting

Understanding trends empowers brands to shape the future – not just influence the present moment.

Growing a business is challenging. Now, more than ever, complex cultural, economic, political, and technological forces shift quickly and impact industries seismically.

Yet, the brightest business leaders can predict these shifts and act on the right opportunities.

But how?

How do they know if changes are temporary or enduring? How do they position their brand so it’s ahead? This is where MDRG can help.

We anticipate tomorrow’s trends so businesses leaders can make today’s decisions with confidence. Leveraging trend forecasting tools, custom research, and social listening, we deliver reports, workshops, and experiences that make the future tangible.

Deliverables include:

1. Trend Reports

Actionable and inspiring trend reports deliver the insights teams need to create a future-facing strategy. A custom report delivers macro trends over the next 5-10 years and the micro trends influencing the consumer for the next 1-3 years. Findings are augmented with competitive insights and social listening to track how trends are being actioned now.

2. White Space Opportunity Mapping

Discover how your business intersects with the unmet needs of consumers. Combining a blend of trend mapping, research, and social listening, we uncover opportunities that you never knew existed, with actionable steps to bring them to life in your organization.

3. Future Personas

Consumers are never static – their preferences change as culture evolves. We help brands anticipate these defining cultural shifts to inform your consumer of the future.

4. Trend Workshops

Empower your teams to grasp future trends and implement them. We run workshops for creative teams and business leaders to generate creative concepts, business strategies, and product innovation based upon what’s-next.

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