Qualitative Research

Getting to the "Why"

Uncover the Unseen: Gain deeper understanding with MDRG's Qualitative Research

Qualitative research has the power to go deeper, providing insights into cultures, values, and mindsets that are difficult to quantify or measure in a quantitative approach. MDRG’s expert Qualitative research team is here to help you explore and understand consumer experiences, perspectives, and behaviors.  With our creative approach to research, we design bespoke solutions to help you and your team gather detailed, in-depth information around your business questions and goals.

A qualitive study may be the solution for you when you want to:

  • Dig deep into the ‘why’s and ‘how’s of consumer behaviors

  • Explore growth and opportunity areas for your brand, the landscape of your industry and how your competitors are perceived

  • Generate hypotheses with insights direct from consumers to test using quantitative methods.

  • Uncover deep feedback from consumers on concepts, positioning, products and services during at any stage in the advertising or product lifecycle

A qualitive study may be the solution for you when you want to
Discover the Perfect Mix of Qualitative Research Methods with MDRG's System 1 and System 2 Tools

Discover the Perfect Mix of Qualitative Research Methods with MDRG's System 1 and System 2 Tools

  • When clients engage MDRG, we work to identify the most applicable mix of qualitative integrating both System 1 and/or System 2 tools for your research needs.

  • System 1 methods in qualitative research include ethnography, eye tracking, and metaphor elicitation. While System 2 methods in qualitative research may be more familiar as they include approaches like in-depth interviews, insight communities and focus groups.

In-Person Methodologies

Online & Mobile Methodologies

Culture, Trend and Industry Analysis

In-Person Methodologies

  • Focus Groups: bring together a small group of targeted individuals in person or online to gather perspectives on your research questions. MDRG will tailor the focus group approach to meet the needs of your research including:

  • Traditional focus groups – gather specifically selected consumers for a moderated discussion around your business topic and questions

  • Conflict groups – using consumers who love and hate a product or brand in a guided discussion reveals drivers of affinity and can make it easier for people to articulate their why

  • Friendship groups – a moderated conversation with friends that yields more authentic responses in a comfortable setting

  • Co-creation, immersions, or empathy workshops: Bring stakeholders and consumers together to share ideas, build client empathy, and create new concepts and prototypes

  • Ethnographies: Mobile, digital, or in person ethnography research creates an opportunity to observe respondents in real world and day to day scenarios to observe and document beliefs, behaviors, and social practices.

Online & Mobile Methodologies

  • Interviews: Dig deep into personal perspectives and confidential topics with your research targets in a comfortable and intimate moderated or unstructured conversation either in person or online.

  • Online Research Communities: Bring together a group of individuals in private web-based platforms to participate in research activities over an extended period of time. Communities can be a valuable tool for qualitative research to provide researchers with ongoing insights into participant attitudes, behaviors, and experiences. Use communities to develop new products and services, conduct longitudinal studies, explore social and cultural trends, co-create with customers, and test marketing campaigns.

  • User Experience: Understand the user experience with your brand, product, or service using a variety of research approaches to optimize your offerings.

Culture Trend and Industry Analysis

Culture and Trend: In-depth observation and analysis that yields actionable and inspiring trend reports delivering the insights your team needs to create a future-facing strategy. A custom report delivers macro trends over the next 5-10 years and the micro trends influencing the consumer for the next 1-3 years. Findings are augmented with competitive insights and social listening to track how trends are being actioned now.

  • Competitive Analysis Ensure your brand, campaigns, and content stand out from the competition. We perform in-depth reviews of competitors, peers, and adjacent industries to define your unique position in the market.

  • Market Sizing Understand your business' growth potential through analysis of your target market and the competitive landscape. MDRG can identify the Total Addressable Market and help you position your organization for success.

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