The most powerful tool isn’t a tool. It’s the mind.

Founded in Research. Backed by Results.

As a market research firm experienced in uncovering insights for clients of various industries and sizes, we’ve fine-tuned our process of delivering the meaning behind the data to ensure that what comes next for your business is exactly what your business needs.


Market research that mines data for deeper meaning

  • We value Collaboration.

    Collaborating (and communicating) with each other and with our clients makes the work better.

  • We value Excellence.

    “Good enough” is not acceptable. Excellence defines us.

  • We value Success.

    Failure is not an option.

  • We value Insights.

    Providing insights to inform clients’ business strategies is our mission. We never simply provide data.

  • We value Integrity.

    Personal accountability is in our DNA. We work to the the highest standards every day.

  • We value Breakout Thinking.

    Creativity, innovation and courage are required.


MDRG invested in a team of market research analysts that give you the insights you are looking for. Whether it’s a complex data set or anthropological findings, we employ the best and brightest minds to fulfill your research needs. Our leading minds guide every project from beginning to end.

  • Barbara Read

    Director of Research

  • Dean Macko

    Director, Growth and Innovation

  • Sondra Brown


  • Stephanie McGehee

    Director, Marketing and Operations

  • Peter Schamp

    Strategic Insights Manager


In addition to our key employees, MDRG employs a carefully assembled group of consultants and specialists. We are currently hiring for the following full-time positions.

Quantitative Analyst

We are looking for someone who is curious, loves the market research profession, and wants to make a difference to our team and to the client.


Senior Quantitative Analyst - Healthcare

We are looking for someone who is curious, loves the market research profession, wants to make a difference, and is interested in more than just a job.


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