Health Experience (HX) Index

A New Era of Healthcare is Upon Us:
Enter the HX Index

This research will allow your healthcare business to:

Understand the evolution of factors that drive healthcare usage, experience, and loyalty

Compare against both peer health systems and disruptors within similar geographies

Synthesize metrics into a single trackable index to explain healthcare experience as well as inform future strategy

What we know

The way people seek health solutions has transformed dramatically. With telehealth, wellness apps, cutting-edge nutrition research, and disruptive services from industry giants like CVS Minute Clinic and Walmart Health, the possibilities for care seem limitless. But amidst this sea of advancements, the real implications for individuals and traditional primary care providers remain unclear.

Curiosity sparks progress, and at MDRG we believe in unlocking the hidden potential of healthcare experience. Our research delves deep into how individuals leverage new healthcare modalities, their influence on primary care, and the overall healthcare experience. If you've ever wondered about the true impact of these disruptors on your consumers' lives, this research is tailor-made for you.

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Why you should care

Our comprehensive and measurable index consolidates diverse metrics to provide a holistic understanding of the national healthcare experience.

By leveraging the findings in the HX Index Syndicated Report, your business gains access to invaluable insights that can help drive healthcare utilization, enhance customer experience, and foster loyalty. You will be able to understand why consumers are making the choices they are and what is driving satisfaction.

You will be able to:

  • Make informed choices that resonate with your consumers and lead to sustainable growth

  • Be at the forefront of innovation and deliver unrivaled experiences to your consumers

  • Guide strategic decision making with an in-depth understanding of the current healthcare experience

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The customized report:


Syndicated baseline report + individual readout
- $5,000
Customized sample & personalized research
- Varies

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Gain customized insights about YOUR market:

Understand your market even better with a customized HX Index report. This report, tailored to your business, will help you stay competitive and better understand your position within the healthcare landscape.

  • Empower yourself to understand how consumers are making primary healthcare choices based on geography, age, and insurance

  • Benchmark your business's performance against similar health systems and disruptors operating in the same geographical area

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