In a 3-trillion-dollar market, new businesses are
constantly entering and clamoring to claim shares
of the healthcare market with fresh ideas and

In such a dynamic environment, research is a pillar of successful adaptation. And healthcare businesses need new ideas now.

Disruption is threatening almost every part of the healthcare industry. Health insurers have one of the lowest Net Promoter Scores (NPS) of any industry. Likewise, healthcare provider systems are beginning to transition from quantity to quality based compensation systems. Patients pay to be cared for, while providers and risk holders must eliminate waste to remain profitable. Traditional healthcare brands face start-up brands providing highly customizable healthcare offerings at premium prices.

Staying relevant in the healthcare industry is about more than new offerings or innovations. It’s more than performing a single consumer study – it’s about orienting the innovation process toward patients by consistently investing in understanding them.

Customer experience is driving the healthcare industry future. Consumers need to be kept in the middle of any health care transformation conversation. That’s where we come in – we devise healthcare market research studies with your business goals and patients in mind. Our experienced healthcare team creates lasting partnerships to develop world-class solutions.

Uncover deeper insights with market research

  • Discover your brand’s health
  • Pursue optimal branding and positioning
  • Create emotionally-engaging advertising
  • Develop more precise communication and targeting strategies
  • Enhance staff experiences
  • Uncover patient insights

MDRG Industries

While our expertise resides in healthcare, finance, CPG, and Media and Communications, our experience also covers utilities, automotive, tourism, and franchises.

Our clients rely on our diverse knowledge of industries to provide a comprehensive research program. Custom solutions can answer any business question, but industry experience doesn’t hurt either.

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