Sensory & Product Research Offerings

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MDRG is a full-service market research firm focused on unlocking the WHOLE MIND™ of your consumer to get deeper insights. We specialize in applying behavioral science approaches to researching your products. Our insights team, with more than 20 years combined experience in sensory research and product insights, can help you optimize your products through every step of the development process. Offering a custom approach to every project, we do it all from test design and data collection to data analysis with actionable insights, and everything in between.

Dive deeper into the potential of your BRAND:

Let us help you unlock and inspire the creativity of your TEAMS with custom R&D Solutions

R&D Trend Immersions

a fully customizable, curated in-market food and beverage trend experience. Let us do the planning, preparation, and analysis for your team to help you focus and strategically dive into your ever-changing product category.

Trend Analysis & Predictions

Deep dive into what’s happening today and tomorrow in your category. From a virtual share out to an immersive in-person presentation, we will spark the creativity of your R&D teams

Ideation Workshops

Expert led, in-person or virtual working sessions to help teams focus, generate and share new product ideas. Options range from half day sessions to multi-day immersive experiences for development teams. Our workshops are custom designed to meet your specific objectives and needs and include a full report of ideas and findings.

Unlock the power of your PRODUCTS using proven research methods

Consumer Co-creation

Bring your consumers along at the START of the journey. Lean on specifically recruited panels of passionate consumers to help guide your team in their product development journey.

mdrg sensory & product research 2
mdrg sensory & product research

Concept & Prototype Testing

Test the performance and response to your products before you hit the market to position new products for the best success.

Product Testing

Understand the performance, strengths and opportunities for your product with the proven product testing methodologies that best meet your goals.

  • Internal & External Sensory Testing - Triangle, Tetrad, And More

  • Focus Groups

  • In-depth Interviews

  • Home Use Tests

  • Central Location Testing

Our team is experienced and ready to help you create successful products across a variety of categories:

  • Food: CPG, Restaurant, Manufacturing, and more

  • Beverages: Non-alcoholic & alcoholic

  • Aroma and Fragrance

  • Health and wellness

  • Personal care and beauty

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