Strategic Stewardship & Consulting

Think of us as your in-house strategy team, here to fuel your work with data-backed insights.

For marketing teams and agencies that are skilled executors, but don’t have time for strategy, MDRG steps in as Strategic Stewards. Tailored to each client’s needs, Strategic Stewardship can be leveraged throughout brand-building to deliver insights during pivotal moments.

Deliverables include:

1. Creative Brand Briefs

We create actionable and insights-fueled briefs that can be actioned by agencies and internal teams.

2. Campaign Refresh Strategy

Has your brand campaign lost its luster? We help marketers reinvigorate campaigns with innovative best practices, emerging trends, consumer insights, and competitive opportunities.

3. Go To Market Strategy

Bringing something new to market is exciting – and challenging. We provide launch strategy so you can go to market with confidence. We also offer Customer Journey mapping to pinpoint your consumer’s path to purchase.

4. Competitive Insights

Ensure your brand, campaigns, and content stand out from the competition. We perform in-depth reviews of competitors, peers, and adjacent industries to define your unique position in the market.

5. Personas

Consumers are never static – their preferences change as culture evolves. We help brands anticipate these defining cultural shifts to update and create personas.

6. Insights Audit and Planning

Curiosity fuels brand growth. Uncovering new insights from existing data or creating an ongoing learning plan will put you in a position to always be listening to the voice of your consumer.

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