Product Development


Opportunities for research exist across the product development lifecycle. If you are in the throws of innovating, concept testing can help ensure you are headed in the right direction. In the design phase, leverage research to identify early-stage improvements, test your packaging prior to launch and of course analyze and optimize along the way.

Regardless of your stage in the process, product research can help:

Product Development Lifecycle

  • Discover what lets consumers perform a job faster, better, more conveniently, or less expensively than before
  • ID new product concept options or features
  • Understand what it is your consumers are looking for in a product or service
  • Make design decisions based on user insight
  • Identify features yielding the highest revenue potential
  • Identify early stage improvements in your prototype and key features needed
  • Identify the correct pricing model
  • Position your product for maximum appeal
  • Test package design
  • Refine usability

Analyze and Optimize

Analyze your product in the real world and Identify additional features and unforeseen opportunities

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